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Terri Hall

Terri Hall - SA Toll Party
Terri Hall - SA Toll Party
Terri Hall founded the San Antonio TOLL Party in 2005 as a taxpayer revolt when she learned the Texas Dept of Transportation (TxDOT) was to convert her only access to San Antonio, Hwy 281, into a tollway, which is a double tax to charge taxpayers again for what they've already built and paid for. When she saw that this shift to tolling our existing freeways is happening nationwide, Terri started a statewide group called Texans Uniting for Reform and Freedom or Texas TURF.

She's a homeschool mom of seven turned citizen activist, and Terri has rallied her fellow Texans to stop this runaway taxation without representation, as well as to stop the international trade corridor known as the Trans Texas Corridor. She's also galvanizing Texans and fellow Americans to rise up against another new trend nationally, which is to sell our highway system (through a mechanism called public private partnerships, PPPs, THINK: public money for private profits) to the highest bidder by privatizing our public highways and handing them to foreign corporations in sweetheart deals for a half-century at a time. This has resulted in extremely high tolls like a deal just inked in Dallas for 75 cents a mile!

Terri has worked as a citizen activist in two sessions of the Texas Legislature, spoken before 12,000 people at a rally in Washington D.C., organized marches on Austin, spoken at national conferences, appeared on both the Lou Dobbs Show, CNN's American Morning, and Fox News nationally, and done local radio & TV interviews all over Texas. She also writes for the Express-News and Houston Examiner and has had many columns published by news outlets nationwide.

Texas TURF is also an all-volunteer, all grassroots statewide organization, nearly 100,000 strong and growing. Together, they've curbed the plans for the Trans Texas Corridor, defeated PPPs and bad bills with horrific runaway taxation in the Legislature, spoken out against using federal stimulus money to build toll roads (which is another DOUBLE TAX), and awakened Texas to the coming leveraged debt infrastructure bubble, which sets the stage for more massive taxpayer bailouts.

She invites you to learn more and to join the fight at and