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No Tolls! Keep Freeways Free!

Back-to-back Austin Events

March 1st - Senate Transportation Committee Hearing
March 2nd - "Don't Tag Texas" Rally

March 1st - Senate Transportation Committee Hearing

Terri Hall, representative for the SA Toll Party, and a new state-wide group goes to Austin to speak before the Transportation Committee for the grass-roots.

A packed gallery and overflow rooms is a rare occurence for hearings.

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March 2nd - "Don't Tag Texas" Rally

Rally organizer, cattle rancher, and former candidate for Ag Commissioner, Hank Gilbert gathers folks at the beginning of the march.

Ranchers brought their tractor's and livestock to send a message (NAIS - National Animal Identification System)

Ready to get underway!

Marchers make the turn and head toward the Capitol steps.

Jim Lamberth, one of the ranchers that brought his tractor, pulling a flat-bed trailer decked out with marchers and signs.

Byron Juen and Tim Ferry - two committed supporters of the San Antonio effort.

Hank Gilbert kicks off the rally at the Capitol steps.

In all over 2,000 marchers came to give their support to this statement!

The rally kicked off with Representative Garnet Coleman speaking about HB 998, his toll moratorium bill.

Penny Langford-Freeman from Congressman Ron Paul's office holds a copy of the U.S. Constitution. She stated Congressman Paul is squarely and firmly on our side regarding the NAFTA connection and opposing the formation of the North American Union.

District 73 Rep. Nathan Macias, who took the place of "Toller" Carter Casteel, came to give his support to the cause.

Rep. Lois Kolkhorst shared her bill HB 1881 with the crowd which will KILL the Trans Texas Corridor (TTC).

Gina Parker of Eagle Forum came to lend her support.

Liz McIntyre, author of "Spy Chips" encourages to the crowd to stand for individual freedom.

Impassioned talk radio host, Alex Jones, stired up the crowd with his speech against the North American Union and the deteriorating freedoms of Americans.

Natural gardner, John Dromgoole, came to share his support.

Terri Hall, director of the San Antonio Toll Party, calling for the Attorney General to investigate TxDOT's "cooked books" and return accountability to the people.

Jimmie Vaughan referred to tolls and the TTC as "shackles" and the tagging of Texas as "Big Brother".

"Truth Be Tolled" film maker Bill Molina captured the event on film

Judith McGeary of Farm & Ranch Freedom Alliance co-orginazed the event.

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